Humans in Architecture – The Collection 2019 – 2020

ArchiMinimal Photography presents Humans in Architecture, the Collection 2019 – 2020.


Architecture is really about wellbeing. I think that people want to feel good in a space … On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” If that is so, then our future architecture can only bring us good things. – Zaha Hadid

Humans in Architecture is the new photographic project promoted by ArchiMinimal Photography. It is a selection of thirty photographs chosen from the over two hundred presented, produced by thirty authors from all over the world. This project aims to investigate the close relationship between the human element and architecture, representing some of the possible interactions with the architectural setting and the urban space, with their play between empty and full space, volumes and shapes. It is a daily relationship that in photography is enhanced in the perfection of the geometries of the captured architectural element but also in the intriguing compositional play that lights and shadows might achieve. The selected photos are stylistically homogeneous and are characterised by the same compositional rigor, according to the ArchiMinimal guidelines concerning the architectural photography, but above all they are enriched and embellished with the human presence, which is never predominant in its dimensional relationship with the architectural element. It is a discreet and minimal trait that can enhance the elegance of the architectural element thanks to the correct positioning inside it, thus highlighting its function and emphasising its interaction. The stylistic choice of the black and white has the dual task of focusing attention on this very deep relationship, eliminating all forms of visual distraction determined by color and enhancing the essentiality of the composition, sometimes pushed to the abstraction of the shown architectural element and urban setting.

The thirty selected Authors

Giusy Baffi, Stefano Barattini, Alessandra Bettoni, Selina Bressan, Anna Camps, Ariane Coerper, Luigi Coluccia, Joice Chan, M. Teresa Closas Xifré, Valentina D’Alia, Olli Eberwein, Virgilio Ferri, Jean Fraipont, Alessandro Gionni, Lukas Huneke, Federico Leffe, Marion Liebmann, Claudio Manenti, Giulio Montorio, Maria Cristina Pasotti, Ste Po, Mariuccia Preziuso, Tiago Ribeiro de Carvalho, Roberto Rognoni, Martin Sander, Muriel Totis, Katherine Young,  Erminio Vanzan, Valérie Karakatsanis Zanutto e Laura Zulian.

The thirty selected photographs

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Archiminimal Photography, about us

ArchiMinimal Photography is a social group that was born in January 2016 with the aim of offering a virtual space where subscribers can collect images of architectural photography and architectural minimalism. It is an international group that brings together a community of over 2300 photographers who share their passion for architecture, represented in all its many nuances: modern, classical, interior, abstract in its artistic and minimalist vision, including also captures of the surrounding contemporary and decadent urban setting. A strong element of characterisation is the use of #tags to classify the collected images. The Group has identified in this system a powerful aggregation mechanism that fully exploits the viral effect of the social network to increase the visibility in the web of these impressive architectural images which are collected in the Group and in the thematic pages connected to it. The best photographs posted by users feed the beautiful collections The Best of ArchiMinimal and ArchiMinimal Theme Collection, all available on Facebook. The group also has an account on Instagram and on Flickr.

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