ArchiMinimal Photography Challege 2019 – Theme and Rules

ArchiMinimal Photography Challenge Second Edition is at the starting line. Eight teams will compete in the development of a new, exciting photographic theme. The teams have two months to develop, execute and submit their photographic portfolios to our qualified Jury.


The contemporary urban living can offer a variety of ways to perceive the places where we live, work and relax. Getting involved in the urban setting of our cities and towns to capture feelings, moods and behaviours of the people living the ordinary urban places is the challenge you are asked to face. In the urban living experience we set up a personal relation with the places where we live, work and relax every day. As main actors or spectators of a marvellous urban stage we might be involved in unpredictable situations resulting in a variety of moods and behaviours.
The focus of the Second Edition of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge is to represent through the photographic medium the intimate relationship between people and the surrounding urban places, highlighting people’s states of mind and soul, thus applying to the Street and Urban-Street genres.
Choosing the right subject, framing and composing to draw attention on it, giving your personal artistic touch through post-processing are part of your task and can make your photographic work really unique..
In each submitted project the architecture and the urban places will be the frame of people’s moods and behaviours and identifying one or more states of mind and soul related to our urban living will be the main threads of your story.


The Second Edition of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge takes place from MARCH 4th till MAY 5th. To be admitted to the next evaluation phase, teams have to submit their work within MAY 5th 2019.
The works has to be composed of a TITLE, a SYNOPSIS and has to include from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 15 photographs.


For the Jury to proceed with the evaluation of the photographic works, the following indications are recommended:

  • Stylistic homogeneity: the works are characterised by a unique, homogeneous style;
  • Storytelling: the works must represent a photographic narrative project, the photographs must therefore be linked to each other;
  • Numbering: sequentially organised photographs must be numbered;
  • Formats: photographs must have the same format and orientation. The standard formats normally used in photography are recommended, with particular preference for 3: 2 and / or 1: 1 formats (no crop);
  • Dimensions and resolution: the photographs included in the works have at least 2048 mpx in the long side and a resolution of 300 dpi;
  • Watermark and Rights: watermarks of any kind are not allowed, the ownership of the photographs and their rights remain with the authors.


The Jurors will evaluate the photographic works in the 4 weeks following the delivery deadline. They will assign a score for each of the outlined macro-criteria. The evaluation macro-criteria are related to a subjective assessment, not taking into account any technical consideration, and an objective assessment considering their pertinence to the theme, the idea and the power of the storytelling, but also the compositional technique and the stylistic coherence.


All submitted works will be evaluated according to the criteria above and will receive a final score. The outcome of the Juror’s evaluations will be officially announced on 27.05.2019.


First team classified: critical reading of a photographic project for each member of the team by one or more members of the Jury.
Second and third classified team: an advertorial article related to the work done with an interview to the teams published in the ArteVitae magazine

Join and have fun!

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