ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge – Theme

Living the city – A journey through time and space

Living the urban scene, in a journey through the different times, moments and spaces of the city is the main theme of the first edition of ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge. It is a team game, aiming at sharing different visions through the cooperation of the team members to render their personal interpretation through a set of photographs that can represent the urban life and architecture from a  “humanist” point of view, where the urban architecture can be simultaneously the container and the content of our daily life. Therefore, the SPACE is the virtual frame which can include the human interaction or absence and TIME is the narrative key of our living the surrounding urban setting.

Each team must deliver a color or black and white portfolio of 8-15 sequentially numbered photos by June 30, 2018. The portfolio must have a title and a brief synopsis of presentation. The Jurors will evaluate the pertinence to the proposed theme according to formal and stylistic criteria, technical ability and originality. The first three finalist teams will be awarded with a dedicated gallery on the ArchiMinimal website. The Jurors will also award special mentions reserved for particularly deserving portfolios.


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