ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge – TEAM 10 – 4th Place – Special Mention

The first edition of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge, the photographic team game promoted by ArchiMinimal Photography has successfully concluded. The participants have challenged the development of a very stimulating and complex theme:

Living the City – A journey through Time and Space

Nine participating teams have been working for a month on  the assigned theme, with the need to create a portfolio where the power of the storytelling should result from a well-defined sequence of photographs. The qualified Jurors have scrupulously worked to evaluate all the nine submitted works, according to some very specific qualitative guidelines and analytical criteria. All this and much more to show in  this first ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge!

According to the Jurors, TEAM 10 has ranked with its work the 4th PLACE among the participants of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge.

Team 10 is composed by Lea De Meulenaere, Team Leader, Irene e Olli Eberwein, Uwe Kreye, Oleg M. Kuliishov and Felipe Amenedo. They have submitted a work consisting of 15 photographs, combined with by the following introductory text:

A working day in the life of George

Please have a look to the beautiful work submitted by TEAM 10! Congratulations!

A working day in the life of George

The Juror’s review:

4th Place – Jurors’ Pick – Special mention

TEAM 10 – Portfolio: A working day in the life of George (15 photos)

The title of this valuable work is self explaining, including the concept of space and time in an urban environment. The daily journeys to go and get back from work are actions that make the cities alive and dynamic. The city landscape is continuously transformed by so many comings and goings. The city continuously changes. People move forth and back, they seem often absent, distracted. During these forced displacements they seem almost foreign bodies to the architectural context they are living. It looks like they are wasting their time and filling the space unconsciously. Once they cross the threshold of the place where they work, they immediately face much more familiar situations. This concept stands out from the portfolio and some key elements such as the homogeneous use of color, the dynamism of the sequence and the well coordinated choral work have captured the attention of the Jury.

Congratulations to: Lea De Meulenaere Irene e Olli Eberwein, Uwe Kreye, Oleg M. Kuliishov e Felipe Amenedo

Our compliments to Team 10 for this valuable achievement. – The Jurors: Anna Rita Rapanà, Edmondo Di Loreto, Lorenzo Linthout Capirossi, Andrea Rossato


ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge

Ranking and Final Results

Team 7 – Space Time – 1st Clasified

Team 3 – La metafora della vita – 2nd Classified

Team 12 – Incontri metropolitani – 3rd Classified

Team 10 – A working day in the life of George – 4th Classified – Jurors’ Pick

Team 9 – Il viaggio: Spazio nel tempo – 5th Classified

Team 4 – Come è bella la città – 6th Classified

Team 11 – A day in the life of… – 7th Classified

Team 6 – Un cane in città – 8th Classified

Team 2 – Palermo e i suoi teatri – 9th Classified

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