ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge 2018 – Final results and Ranking

Exploring the relationship between space, time and humans: the first edition of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge has asked the participants to explore the urban surroundings of our cities to map out the interaction of humans with the architecture, considering time as their fil rouge of their storytelling.

How do the humans relate to its surroundings, and how do these surroundings shape the humans’ perspective if we consider the time flow? More importantly, how can we visualize and recreate moments, memories and experiences that aren’t usually captured in photographs? With their creativity and conceptual imagery, the artists have articulated their investigation into these dynamics, inviting the viewers and the Jurors to engage in their visual discussion.

Living the City – A journey through Time and Space

NINE participating TEAMS have been working for a month on the assigned THEMELiving the City – A journey through Time and Space – with the need to create a portfolio where the power of the storytelling should result from a well-defined sequence of photographs. The qualified JURORS have scrupulously worked to evaluate all the nine submitted works, according to some very specific qualitative guidelines and analytical criteria.

Facts and Figures

60 photographers from 9 countries – Italy, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia and The Russian Federation – assigned to 9 teams have put together 115 photographs which have been evaluated and reviewed by 4 diverse and qualified Jurors. 9 portfolios have been publicly showcased on the dedicated web site, with 20 dedicated articles, giving the chance to share works and results for each of the finalist team. 3 award-winning teams and 1 Jurors’Pick have been reviewed considering their pertinence to the theme, the idea and the power of the storytelling, but also the compositional technique and the stylistic coherence.

That’s the power of ArchiMinimal!

Ranking and Winners

Although the assigned theme was only apparently simple and the challenge asked to submit a stylistically consistent portfolio, teams and artists have presented us with an astonishing range of creative approaches. Evaluated and reviewed by a qualified Jury, the submitted portfolios, the three award-winning works and the Jurors’pick show the intriguing urban visions of photographers coming from all over Europe, representing an inspiring cross-section of contemporary urban photography today.

Our hope is that this first edition of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge with the 9 portfolios showcased here allow you to explore the relationship between physical and mental experience in space and time through their eyes, offering fresh and interesting perspectives on our ever-changing surroundings. Last but not least, the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge wants to celebrate the power of photography to communicate many kinds of complex ideas, stories and emotions.

Here’s the FINAL RANKING of the 9 Teams submitting their Potfolios for the Jurors’s evaluation and review.

Congratulations to the Teams and to the Photographers that have produced very creative and valuable portfolios. Congratulations to the 3 award-winning Teams that have really impressed the Jury with their portfolios offering a very original and theme pertaining piece of photographic work. Congratulations to the Jurors’ Pick Team which hasn’t rank the Top Three by a whisker but impressed the Jury for freshness and modernity.


ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge – Classifica – Ranking

Our special thanks go to the Photographers for their engagement and commitment and to the Jurors for their professional and valuable work. Thank you all!


Have a look at the submitted Portfolios!

Team 7 – Space Time

Team 3 – La metafora della vita

Team 12 – Incontri metropolitani

Team 10 – A working day in the life of George

Team 9 – Il viaggio: Spazio nel tempo

Team 4 – Come è bella la città

Team 11 – A day in the life of…

Team 6 – Un cane in città

Team 2 – Palermo e i suoi teatri


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