Archiminimal Photo Challenge 2019 – Final Results and Ranking

The ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge Second Edition has just concluded with the submission of 6 works. Teams have ben asked to investigate the urban setting of our cities and towns to capture feelings, moods and behaviours of the people living the ordinary urban places. Let’s see the Final Results and Ranking released by the Jurors today.

Six teams have challenged the development of a new, exciting photographic theme and submission to our qualified Jury.

In the urban living experience we set up a personal relation with the places where we live, work and relax every day.


Six participating TEAMS have been working for two month on the assigned THEME  with the need to create a portfolio where the power of the storytelling should result from a well-defined sequence of photographs. The qualified JURORS have scrupulously worked to evaluate all the six submitted works, according to some very specific qualitative guidelines and analytical criteria.


Ranking and Winners

Although the assigned theme was only apparently simple and the challenge asked to submit a stylistically consistent portfolio, teams and artists have submitted an astonishing range of creative approaches. Evaluated and reviewed by a qualified Jury, the submitted portfolios show the intriguing urban visions of photographers coming from all over Europe, representing an inspiring cross-section of contemporary urban photography today.

Here’s the FINAL RANKING of the 6 Teams submitting their Potfolios for the Jurors’s evaluation and review.

Archiminimal Photo Challenge 2019 – Classifica finale – Final Ranking

Congratulations to the Teams and to the Photographers that have produced very creative and valuable portfolios. Congratulations to the award-winning Teams that have really impressed the Jury with their portfolios offering a very original and theme pertaining piece of photographic work.

Ranking and Final Results

Team 7 – 1st Classified

Team 1  – 2nd Classified

Team 2 – 3rd Classified

Team 6 – 4th Classified

Team 5 – 5th Classified

Team 8 – 6th Classified

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