Archiminimal Photo Challenge 2019 – 3rd Place

The ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge Second Edition has just concluded with the submission of 6 works. Teams have ben asked to investigate the urban setting of our cities and towns to capture feelings, moods and behaviours of the people living the ordinary urban places.

Six teams have challenged the development of a new, exciting photographic theme and submission to our qualified Jury.


Let’s see the Final Results and Ranking released by the Jurors today.

According to the Jurors, TEAM 2 has ranked with its work the 3rd PLACE among the participants of the ArchiMinimal Photo Challenge 2019.

Team 2 is composed by Uwe Kreye, Estela Canaveira, Joyce Chan, Lea De Meulenaere. They have submitted a work consisting of 15 photographs, combined with by the following introductory text:

People make the city

Both buildings and cities influence one’s state of mind and well-being. Such items might seem as inanimate and lifeless, but they are the environment that we have become accustomed to. These structures and cities bring us attractive facades, intricate architectural wonders, and more importantly, a place to call home. The concepts of work, living, and relaxation all go hand in hand with how we are as humans. We must work to live, and to live we must find relaxation, and to find it in a city, which is filled with man-made objects is seemingly an engrossing way of life.

Please have a look to the beautiful work submitted by TEAM 2! Congratulations!

The Juror’s review:

3rd Place

TEAM 2 – Portfolio: People make the city (15 photos)

With this work, the psychological relationship between the urban environment and people in the urban living spaces. Urban living spaces are designed by lines, perspective and geometry and contain as part of a whole the apparently marginal experiences of its miniaturized inhabitants who are embedded in the urban labyrinthine, in a very effective formal and figurative way. Excellent composition and editing of each single photo, the portfolio storytelling and format uniformity might be improved.

Our compliments to Team 2 for this valuable achievement. – The Jurors: Anna Rita Rapanà, Massimo Santinello, Lorenzo Linthout Capirossi, Andrea Rossato


Ranking and Final Results

Team 7 – 1st Classified

Team 1  – 2nd Classified

Team 2 – 3rd Classified

Team 6 – 4th Classified

Team 5 – 5th Classified

Team 8 – 6th Classified

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